1) Egg Roll
            Stuffed with ground chicken,bean thread,carrots and celery.                             
             2) Thai spring Roll
   Wrapped with special rice paper, stuffed with shrimp, crabmeat,ground pork, dry mushrooms,carrots, onions and scallions, lightly deep fried.

                                                    3) Fresh roll
     Fresh rice paper,wrapped with fresh rice noodle,lettuce,fresh basil,shrimp,carrot,tofu,cucumber. 
Served with peanut sauce


         4) Steamed Dumpling 
     Mixed with ground shrimp, pork,water chestnut,served with peanut sauce and sweet&sour dip.


 Shrimp Tempura
     Imported shrimp dipped in delectable batter and lightly fried.

6) Fried Wonton
     Stuffed with ground pork,tasty and crispy.

 7) Crab Rangoon
     Wonton wrapped stuffed with crabmeat and blend of imported cheese with a hint of curry.

    8) Tod Mon Gai
     Ground chicken mixed with chili paste and green bean, lightly fried. Served with cucumber salad.

 9) Chicken Satay
Marinated chicken skewers grilled and served with peanut sauce and     thai cucumber salad.

                                               10) Angel Wings
     Stuffed chicken wing with ground pork, vegetables and bean thread.

11) Steamed Mussels
     Steamed fresh mussels with basil sauce.
 12) Pan Fried Squid
     Marinated squid,lightly fried,with sweet&sour sauce.

 13) Lanna Thai's sampler
     Egg roll(2),Shrimp Tempura(2),Fried Wonton(2),Crab Rangoon(2),Spring Roll(2).